Soft Skull poetry subscription announcement

I wanted to share this annoucement from Soft Skull Press...

OK, it's time...Soft Skull launches a subscription model...

Having been thinking about this for a while, and with the help of some prodding from
AK Press and Clear Cut Press and One Story and Tin House and McSweeney's and such
(both directly and by example), we've decided to launch a Soft Skull subscription.
It'll be category-specific and we'll start with poetry: all the poetry Soft Skull
will publish in 2006, with a couple backlist bonus tracks to spur folks into action.
(As the spiel goes on the site: "A new way to buy Soft Skull books, with
subscriptions to follow in Fiction, Pop Culture, Graphic Novels, and Queer

Here's what folks will get (for $50):
Jim and Dave Defeat the Masked Man by James Cummins and Devid Lehman, illustrated by
Archie Rand

Deviant Propulsion by CAConrad

Eunoia by Christian Bök

Saints of Hysteria, edited by Denise Duhamel, Maureen Seaton, and David Trinidad

How to Make a Life As A Poet by Gary Mex Glazner

Supermodel by David Breskin

AND, and a limited time bonus, Tremble & Shine by Todd Colby AND God Save My Queen
by Daniel Nester!!!

Should you wish to order, click here:

Basically, we suspect this part of the future of independent publishing—in large
part because we're almost certain that as eBook sales pick up in the coming years, a
subscription model is by far the most plausible means of delivery. So I figure we
should start getting used to it by setting something pretty basic up for the print
books, forcing us to proceed slowly along the learning curve.