The Commendable Melissa Morrone

NYC local collective facilitator Melissa Morrone is the subject of NYS legislation--in a good way!

J896-2011: Commending Melissa Morrone upon the occasion of her being honored on March 24, 2011, in conjunction with Women's History Month in the State of New York

The WHEREASes refer to her involvement with Radical Reference and Books Through Bars, but my favorite is:

"WHEREAS, Melissa Morrone has continually demonstrated extreme competence, extraordinary intelligence and diligent leadership in her unwavering service to her community and profession;"

Emphasis added. "Extreme competence" is funny, right? Competence as an X Game? But lest anyone think I'm making a joke of this, I'm not. Mel is, in fact, extremely competent, extraordinarily intelligent, and a diligent leader. She is one of the most dedicated and tireless activists I know, and Radical Reference is lucky to have her. Congratulations, Melissa!