Radical Reference Unpanel: Alternative Materials in Libraries

Skillshare offered at the Grassroots Media Conference
Saturday, May 30, 2009
Hunter College, 68th & Lexington
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Following the model of the unconference, this will be a peer education session facilitated by a public and an academic librarian. Participants (librarians, non-librarians & creators of media) will be discussing the current and historical significance of having their works preserved in library collections, the barriers radical/independent/local media can encounter in public/academic libraries, strategies for inclusion (from inside and out), and the social/political consequences of exclusion. Participants will be asked to share their successes, challenges, and strategies for getting their publications (of all types, e.g. books, newspapers, videos) into library collections.

Facilitated by Jenna Freedman and Jess Ross.


Incorporating More (or just Your) Alternative Materials Into Libraries

Collection Development & Vendor Issues

  • Dilveko, Juris. "An alternative vision of librarianship: James Danky and the sociocultural politics of collection development." Library Trends. Winter 2008.