FACT-UP: Fact Check, Research, and Thinking Critically like a Radical Librarian

Jenna Freedman and Lana Thelen are presenting a fact checking workshop at the Women and Media Conference at MIT March 28-30, 2008.

"This workshop will introduce skills to novice and veteran media makers alike, encouraging them to 'research like a librarian,' providing tips on how to find and recognize appropriate resources for researching and fact checking their stories. The presenters will be happy to adapt this workshop to whomever is in the room, but the impetus for proposing it is sharing skills with those newer to advanced research and critical thinking. However, people who are already confident in their research skills will undoubtedly learn some things, too. The facilitators can field questions on fact checking and research, but also on the mysteries of tagging, RSS feeds and the like."

Please see attached slide show and handout (coming soon) in various downloadable and clickable formats.

handout--self fact checking guide (You should always have someone else fact check your work, but since we know that's not practical...)

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