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QUESTION: Boycott the Palm, homelessness in NYC

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Greetings Radical Reference!
Folks in Denver are organizing against the Urban Camping Ban, a 2012 ordinance that criminalizes homeless people. In part, this involves boycotting the Palm restaurant in downtown Denver (the Palm supports the Urban Camping Ban). Organizers there have reached out to folks in NYC and elsewhere in the US to organize a national day of action. People in NYC are planning to be involved, but wish to do so in a way that will also highlight the myriad ways homeless people are also criminalized in this city.

To do the best job possible, some of us in NYC are looking for resources on the following:
-How does one organize an effective economic boycotts (esp of restaurants/companies)
-In what specific ways are homeless people criminalized in NYC?
-All about the Palm restaurant (a national high-end restaurant chain with head office at 837 Second Avenue, NY) - how it is run, its affiliations, economic information, etc. --Also any links the Palm has to structures of power which criminalize homeless here in NYC.

Thanks so much for any help!

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