Calling all DC area RR members: in-person meet-up?

Well, I've evidently been a member of RR for one year and 36 weeks, and so far, I haven't done very much. I did attend ALA in New Orleans, and I was present at our gathering in that cool little bar, but since then, I've been swamped, busy finishing up my MLS and having a baby. Now I am a newly-minted librarian with lots of experience organizing and managing projects and special events (from previous lives/careers) and since I am a stay-at-home mom, I have some time on my hands each day to either contribute to an online project, or I to meet in person on an occasional basis somewhere that is baby friendly in the DC area.

So... are there any other RR activists/members out there living and working in and around DC who would want to meet up in person to discuss forming a local collective? Does one already exist? If so, I apologize for being out of the loop.

Any interested parties can e-mail me at Let's see if we can't get together in person to brainstorm, see where our vendiagrams cross, and put our energies towards something productive.

Best wishes,

Abby McDermott
UMCP MLS 2012 with a concentration in E-Government