Question: Anti-Fascist Symbol

I'm trying to find out some background and history of an anti-fascist symbol, ie, who created it, when, and in what context, and if it is still used by any person, group, or movement. The symbol is three arrows pointing down and to the left at about a 45 degree angle surrounded by a circle.

ANSWER: Anti-Fascist Symbol

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The three arrow symbol was created by Sergei Tschachotin, former assistent to the physiologist Pawlow in 1931 for the Iron Front. See: Friedrich Wilhelm Witt, Die Hamburger Sozialdemokratie in der Weimarer Republik, Hannover 1971, S. 136ff Sergei Tschachotin, Dreipfeil gegen Hakenkreuz, Kopenhagen 1933 (Biography of T.)