Civil liberties and government watchdogs

This section includes tools organized by broad subject areas and/or types of tools for radical reference volunteers and the general public.

While the USA PATRIOT ACT has been critically debated by the public, the majority of the American people have no idea what the Homeland Security Act entails, nor do they realize its effect on our right to know through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Many Americans are either unaware of the current Administration's infringement upon our civil rights or they are too fearful as a result of September 11 to realize the potential harm that these restrictions will have on our future. The following sources have been collected to serve as an aid in raising awareness on civil liberties issues such as the USA PATRIOT ACT, The Homeland Security Act, and general human rights and civil liberties issues involving our government. The sources range from government watchdogs, news blogs, organizations, metasites, etc. Please contact Radlib for comments or suggestions.